For a mental teaching of tennis training





Philippe REMY

Tennis coach


Cognitive Psychology Doctor


  • Many players are afraid to address the mental aspects occurring tennis doubting anecdotal approaches.


  • Recently, scientific research has made considerable progress in the understanding of attention and memory processes that are fundamental to the practice of this sport in competition.


  • My experience in coaching and my recent research in psychology (2008) allowed me to offer a healthy and controlled approach to mental training.


  • I will organize over the weeks a new approach of the TENNIS TRAINING IN COMPETITION systematically integrating the different cognitive processes of memory and attention into learning, the tactical, the physical and the technical gesture.








The mental binding process of conceptual and visuaspatial informations (themselves related to tennis gestures) thus than the executive processes (inhibition process, updating process and switching process) must be worked at of each tennis training. It must be enhanced from FIVE YEARS OLD in very good psychological conditions for young player.


The player who could work with those cognitive processes should have a BETTER ATTENTION in one match (longer and without decrease level of attention) and could BETTER PLAY TACTICALLY (conscious state, tactical flexibility and effective implementation of tactical choices in the game).







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